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For Senior Management, From Senior Management – March 2010 Edition

March 5, 2010

Monthly message from our CEO W. Michael Scott

One of the best managerial experiences in my early career was to produce a monthly report for my senior management team on what was happening in my area.  I had to report on accomplishments for the last thirty days, goals for the next thirty days, and the status of my long-range goals.  Going through this process was a challenge, but it taught me the discipline of thinking about my goals, and measuring the progress against them.  The Teller Management SystemTM utilizes the very same management principles of feedback, accountability, and constant goal focus.  The reports/schedules provided by The Teller Management SystemTM provide the information that you need to employ management discipline at all levels of the branch network, to help everyone focus on what needs to be accomplished, and to recognize and reward those who are accomplishing the organizational goals. 

What were some of the experiences in your early career that helped mold some of the attributes that made you what you are today?

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