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Efficiency of Financial Institution Contact Centers

August 12, 2010

Efficiency of Contact Centers

Financial intitutions that have dedicated resources to establish a contact center, have enjoyed the benefits of operational efficiency.  Life can be challenging for bank employees wearing many hats, especially when one of those hats is the role of a contact center agent.  This is the primary reason for banks and credit unions to dedicate resources towards having a stand-alone contact center.  Often, multi-branch institutions share one contact center that facilitates the whole branch network’s contact center functions.  This type of program is extremely effective and can create synergies all over the organization.  A “win, win” as we like to say in the business world.  However, often times when we push the boundaries with innovation we can quickly become complacent again in a fast-paced world.  The strives toward operational efficiencies can be an exhausting and arduous process.  This is certainly the case when analyzing a banking contact center.

One approach to help bank and credit union senior level management drive efficiency, is to employ a dedicated resource that provides regular actionable business intelligence.  One proven dedicated resource that is exclusively built for bank and credit union contact centers is  The ContactCenter Management System (CMS).  By automatically scheduling agents based on forecasted call volumes and agent work preference, CMS allows for an optimized contact center staff, resulting in significant labor cost savings

The automated web-based scheduling engine for CMS takes volume forecasts by contact center and matches it to agent work preferences – creating detailed monthly work schedules.  You can easily “tweak” schedules, remove or add an employee to the schedule, or override any of the basic parameters you originally set up.

In addition to the automated scheduling feature, CMS also offers unique to the financial institution industry, an array of monthly contact center management reports (CMS Reports) that analyze key productivity metrics including:

  • Agent Productivity
  • Actual Staffing Effectiveness
  • Industry Peer-to-Peer Comparisons
  • Plus Many More Reports from a Management Perspective

What has your organization done recently to improve your operational efficiencies?  With reg E section 205 eliminating significant revenue streams, the time is now to strive for innovation.

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