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“The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread”

August 13, 2010

A Lobby Tracking SystemTM Case Study

The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread

The Continental Baking Company altered the course of bread forever in 1930 when it introduced sliced Wonder Bread.  Shortly after this historic innovation, the term, “The greatest thing since sliced bread,” was born.  Just as the bread slicer did wonders for the millions of bread consumers, The Lobby Tracking SystemTM (TMS) from Financial Management Solutions (FMSI), has significantly improved Star One Credit Union’s (SOCU) professionalism in their lobby, by providing SOCU with the monitoring and reporting solution required to enhance their overall lobby experience.  Sandra Moix, VP Branch Services of Star One Credit Union, which is the largest Credit Union in Northern California, recently touted LTS by stating, “LTS’s eClipboard improved our service level almost immediately and our management team thinks the LTS management reports are the greatest thing since sliced bread.”

Improving Service Levels and the Overall Lobby Experience

With such high industry standards put on service levels, SOCU realized that having a lobby they could be proud of and most importantly their members would be impressed with should be a priority.  When SOCU implemented The Lobby Tracking SystemTM it would allow them to accomplish this initiative by having the tool to analyze – with great detail – their wait times, assist times and individual staff performances. 

So how does LTS work for SOCU?  Essentially, when a member arrives in the lobby they enter their information into a kiosk or a greeter types in their information into a computer on his or her desk.  Immediately, all MSRs and management can see the member’s name along with their pertinent visiting information through the LTS queue management tool.  Having this seamless electronic process maximizes the member experience.

An example of this, is when a member waits for longer than a specified period of time an alert  box will pop up on each MSR’s and manager’s screen, immediately notifying them of the situation.  Sandy was especially impressed with the LTS alert feature and described this experience by stating, “A manager receives an alert informing them of a wait time issue, which at this point the procedure is for them to go out and interact with the member to help appease the experience.  We have received favorable feedback from members who have really appreciated the extra attention.” 

Optimization of Staffing Levels

Along with utilizing the LTS as a tool to improve their member lobby experience, SOCU has also used the LTS management reporting feature.  Specifically, the LTS management report that indicates which of their branches is the busiest was of great value to them.  The report instantly proved that the perceived busiest branch was actually not.  As a result, they were able to reallocate staffing based on the LTS analysis to the appropriate branch – significantly improving the performance optimization in both branches. 

When analyzing Staffing levels Sandy and the rest of SOCU’s Branch Services management team specifically focus on the following four LTS reports:  (a) Left Without Assistance (b) Detail User & Branch Overview (c) Detail by User & Branch and (d) Total Assist-Times Per Service. 

Best Practices and Tips from the VP of Branch Services at Star One Credit Union

  • Hold monthly meetings with your managers.  At this meeting review LTS reports and discuss service and sales trends.
  • Provide the LTS data to your CEO.  It is something our CEO is interested in.  He likes the LTS reports and graphs.
  • Train MSRs to correct input errors in the system.  Hold them accountable.
  • We have established average service times with LTS per product or service, which has allowed us to identify coaching opportunities when specific service times exceed the averages.  MSR’s must enter comments explaining the details of any item where service/assist times takes 45 minutes or more.

The phrase “the greatest thing since sliced bread” represents the ultimate depiction of innovative achievement and American know-how.  These difficult and competitive economic times have challenged us all, to always pursue innovative solutions that can better our businesses.  Star Once Credit Union recognized the importance of leveraging technology to significantly improve their service levels and labor cost allocation, which ultimately led to extremely impressed account holders and an improvement in their workforce optimization.

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