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Improve the Lobby Experience

August 20, 2010

With technologies and banking innovations challenging the way we do our banking, the decision for financial institutions to improve their lobby experience for their account holders is at a critical junction.  On one hand banks and credit unions can continue to run their lobbies like they have for many years and on the other hand they can completely change their lobby experience philosophy and decide they want to create a whole new experience for their account holders, which can lead to an extremely profitable outcome for years to come.

New Lobby Experience Philosophy

The absolute goal of the new lobby experience philosophy is to cultivate an environment where the account holder feels “valued”.  When the account holders feel valued, they will return often and they will be more open to cross-selling.  The key is for each and every employee to consistently listen, care, understand and deliver.  Furthermore, it is critical that there is accountability to ensure that employees are successfully executing this philosophy.


Some banks that I know of are actually dedicating a full time management position that is solely responsible for the overall account holder experience in the lobby.  This “Account Holder Experience Ambassador” closely monitors employee interactions and works with the branch managers to provide employee coaching as appropriate.  Having this committed resource can be an extremely successful initiative. 

Another accountability solution involves utilizing the metrics in order to monitor and improve the overall service process.  A powerful performance management solution that collects and produces intricate management reports is the Lobby Tracking System™ (LTS).

Performance Management DASHBOARD

With over 20 unique management reports including: Individual Sales and Productivity Performance Reports, Account Holder Tracking Volume Reports and Cross-Sell Reports, LTS effectively supports critical lobby productivity, sales and service decisions.

The Lobby Tracking System™ will also streamline the account holder lobby experience – from the minute they arrive to the second they leave – through LTS’s proprietary eClipboard queue management system.  Your account holders will be impressed with the seamless professional process and your team will be excited to have all the pertinent information at their fingertips.  In addition, you can eliminate critical service issues, with wait time alerts – which are timely and preventative “pop up notifications” sent to your team.

Armed with a committed new philosophy and the LTS system banks and credit unions are changing the way their account holders are viewing their banking experiences. 

Do I need a Lobby Management Tool, like the Lobby Tracking System™?

Lobby Management Report

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