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Banking Business Intelligence Software

September 15, 2010

Everybody who reads this blog post should be able to relate to technology significantly changing their lives at one point.  Of course, this is a personal experience that is subjective to each and every individual’s experiences.  Some who are a “little longer in the tooth” may recall the advent of the calculator.  Others may recall the first spreadsheets in the early computers.  One theme that is consistent through everybody’s experience is that technology has and will continue to affect how we view and live in this world.  A powerful technology that has evolved dramatically in the last 10 years is “actionable” business intelligence software.  The keyword here is “actionable” – since in many cases business intelligence can be overwhelming amounts of information that can be difficult to “take action” on.  In recent years business intellgence has become more automated and more relevant to actual decision support functions.  In the banking world, banks and credit unions all accross the country are now taking a closer look at outsourced business intelligence solutions that provide them with quick, reliable and “actionable” business intelligence.

With Banking Business Intelligence Software You Can:

  • Set targets, see results and understand what drives the numbers – such as teller-line productivity numbers.
  • Identify strengths or non-strengths – such as part-time emloyee utilization.
  • Monitor and improve opportunities and trends – such as historic transaction volumes as they relate to branch hours of operations.

The best business intelligence:

  • Delivers the right information from one trusted source.
  • Lets you work with information the way you want—reports & real-time dashboards
  • Allows you to utilize the information when and where you require.

What “actionable” business intelligence are you using today?

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