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“It’s Wednesday. We are always slow on Wednesday.”

October 18, 2010

Philippe Asselin VP of FMSI

The below is a guest blog article from Philippe Asselin – VP at FMSI

A good friend and former colleague of mine were sharing stories from the front line one day when he told me one I thought was very relevant for this group, as you may also have similar stories to share as well.

Before I jump into the story, let me tell you a little about this person.  He started off working his way through the ranks to attain the Branch Manager position, and changed things very quickly wherever he was.  He had opened a new branch that had tremendous success, and lead two more to their best performance level attained.  Interestingly, he did it with many of the same people that were there when he arrived.  People respond to good leadership, and he is a good leader.  He could have just met his team’s goals, but he always took the road less traveled and far exceeded them year after year.  He spent the company’s money as if it was his very own, carefully considering the ROI of each expenditure as a good steward should.  He took care of his people, and held them accountable to performance standards.  His people were often promoted as he developed them, and many other employees desired transfers to his locations. He is now an executive at a large financial institution, and is in the process of transforming the culture there utilizing workforce optimization tools.

On to the story!  We were discussing staffing allocations, and how some managers would request additional staff even after meetings about reducing personnel expenses where the transactions per hour were low.  He said he walked into one of his busiest branches on a Wednesday, and noticed a large group of employees in a circle having a conversation.  He asked if they had run everyone off, and the coy reply from one of the employees was- “It’s Wednesday.  We are always slow on Wednesday.”  He grinned and knew this would be a great challenge for this organization.  The type of challenge that requires objective information to inform and equip the leaders with actionable business intelligence; and with that make informed decisions that mitigate adverse account holder impact while maximizing account holder returns and quality of service.  He wasn’t afraid to change, as he knows what many others do not or choose not to acknowledge- more about that on an upcoming blog.

He didn’t just ask for information about his own financial institution, he also asked about how others were doing with the same systems and foot traffic.  He knew what it took to get results from his past experience, and how the utilization of the tools provided by FMSI had contributed to his past success; he also confidently knows how the tools will be critical towards his future success at his new financial institution.  Did I mention he was a good leader?  I look forward to hearing more good things from this leader and this financial institution.  

If you are also in the process of optimizing your workforce to improve rates, pay, benefits, returns, or fund your expansion, please share with me!  Hopefully our group can share ideas and build a better tomorrow for our employees and account holders.  When we are efficient, good things can happen!  What’s your story?

Thank you for your time- I hope you have a wonderful week!

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