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FMSI’s Chart of the Month – January 2011 Edition

January 7, 2011

The FMSI Accounts Assisted Today Chart gives our LTS clients real-time online access to the number of accounts handled in the platform side of the branch – at any given time.  This data is also collected and aggregated throughout the year for later analysis.  Many times the Accounts Assisted Today Chart data is utilized to determine productivity effeciency for the platform side of the branch.  If the accounts assisted number is extremely low throughout the year and there are several platoform employees – it may be time for a staffing change.

The FMSI Lobby Tracking System™ (LTS) provides decision-support data for branch retail management.  With over 20 unique management reports including: Individual Sales and Productivity Performance Reports, Account Holder Tracking Volume Reports and Cross-Sell Reports, LTS supports critical lobby management decisions.  LTS also streamlines the account holder lobby experience through a proprietary eClipboard queue management system.

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