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Contact Centers Are a Strategic Asset

January 27, 2011

I recently read Rebecca Wessler’s article “Six Tips For Launching an Outbound Calling Program” and was very interested in the topic.  Along with the below excerpt, there is an eight minute video featuring an in-depth interview with a credit union executive.  I recommend watching this video.

“Call centers enhance the credit union experience, provide essential information to concerned callers, and in many cases are the “face” of the credit union. But call centers can provide more than exceptional customer service. If structured effectively, they can enhance your credit union’s growth strategy.”

In conjunction with utilizing a call center as part of your growth strategy, you should also invest towards improving the productivity of your center.  After all, getting the most out of your investment is just good business. 

One proven dedicated resource that is exclusively built for bank and credit union contact centers is  The ContactCenter Management System (CMS).  By automatically scheduling agents based on forecasted call volumes and agent work preference, CMS allows for an optimized contact center staff, resulting in significant labor cost savings

The automated web-based scheduling engine for CMS takes volume forecasts by contact center and matches it to agent work preferences – creating detailed monthly work schedules.  You can easily “tweak” schedules, remove or add an employee to the schedule, or override any of the basic parameters you originally set up. 

In addition to the automated scheduling feature, CMS also offersunique to the financial institution industry, an array of monthly contact center management reports (CMS Reports) that analyze key productivity metrics including: 

  • Agent Productivity
  • Actual Staffing Effectiveness
  • Industry Peer-to-Peer Comparisons
  • Plus Many More Reports from a Management Perspective
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