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IBM and the Jeopardy Challenge – Bank Business Intelligence Applications

February 16, 2011

The IBM Jeopardy Challenge is a testament to how far computers have come.  As this video demonstrates, their is an information overload out there and there are so many practical applications we can utilize a sophisticated sytem like IBM’s Watson for.  As it relates to the banking industry and specifically the retail branch environment, their are already systems in place that banks and credit unions are utilizing to benefit from the making-sense-of-the-information-overload-concept.

Some banking business intelligence (BI) systems include: The Teller Management System™ (TMS), the ContactCenter Management System™ (CMS) and The Lobby Tracking System™(LTS), which all quickly connects information in an easy-to-use way, allowing management to make more informed decisions about retail branch staffing and sales.

With BI you can:

  • Set targets, see results and understand what drives the numbers.
  • Identify strengths or non-strengths.
  • Monitor and improve opportunities and trends.

The best business intelligence:

  • Delivers the right information from one trusted source.
  • Lets you work with information the way you want—reports & real-time dashboards
  • Allows you to utilize the information when and where you require.

To learn more about banking performance management, see some retail banking business intelligence case studies here.

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