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Tablet Banking Revolution

February 21, 2011

Banking Tablet

I recently came accross the Mobile Commerce Banking article Tablets Will Change Banking Forever: analyst.  I am fascinated by the topic.  Specifically the article states,

“Tablet revolution
Tablets provide distinctive and compelling attributes that, in Mr. Meara’s opinion, will drive adoption:

• Mobility compared to the desktop platform, with the ability to operate usefully in both online and offline environments

• Particularly rich video delivery capability

• A unique form factor making the platform particularly useful for interactivity between staff and bank customers”

I believe that in the future tablets will completely change how we all do our banking.  An important point to stress is that tablets will not negate the importance of human interaction, but rather it will allow for the enhancement of human interaction via the tablets.  For example, you may want to remotely link up on a video conference with a teller or input your branch specific visiting information prior to arriving at the branch – allowing for the branch employees to prepare for your visit.

It should be very interesting to see how it all turns out.  There is a lot of banking innovation on the horizon – as it relates to tablets.

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