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What is your institution doing for Branch Lobby Management?

September 14, 2011

Lobby Management

While most financial institutions have plenty of performance reports on their organization, very few have any reports tied specifically to their branch lobby management.  When it comes to the metrics explaining how well the employees are performing on the lobby side of the branch, the lion’s share of banks and credit unions simply do not have any way to track this area of their business.  Simply put, branch lobby management is an untapped opportunity to improve service quality, employee performance, and sales.

Branch Lobby Management is an Untapped Potential

Answer the following questions:

  • Why do members (or potential members) visit the branch?
  • How much time is my platform staff spending with members?
  • How long do customers actually wait in your branch lobbies?
  • What is the cross-sell ratio for the branch and the individual lobby employees?

To learn more: Do I need a Lobby Management Tool, like the Lobby Tracking System™?

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