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For Senior Management, From Senior Management – October 2011 Edition

October 4, 2011

W. Michael Scott – President/CEO of FMSI

The demands for the “managerial attitude” can be from the CEO all the way to the front line teller. The FMSI clients who are most successful have conquered this challenge. No part of the productive resources of our financial services industry operates at a lower efficiency than the human resources. In the better use of human resources lies the major opportunity for increasing productivity in the great majority of the industry—so the management of people should be the first and foremost concern of operating management teams, rather than the management of processes and techniques on which attention has been mostly focused.

We also know what makes for efficiency and productivity of the human resources of production. It is not primarily skill or pay; it is, first and foremost, an attitude—the one we call the
“managerial attitude.” By this we mean an attitude that makes the individual see their job, their work, and their product the way the manager sees them—in relation to the group and the product as a whole.

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