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For Senior Management, From Senior Management – April 2012 Edition

April 2, 2012

W. Michael Scott – President/CEO of FMSI

Management is the Coach

What a great time of year for all sports enthusiasts—NCAA basketball had a great tournament and MLB baseball has started. After seeing the coaches that made it to the final four this year, I could not help but notice how critically important coaches really are in sports.  Universities and professional franchises alike pay the best coaches millions of dollars per year to guide their teams to a championship.  What separates the top coaches with the bottom ones?  I would argue that the same attributes that help successful coaches succeed in sports also drive managers at successful financial institutions. If your management team has the right focus, the right process, and has the passion about obtaining these goals—any of your branches can be top producing branches (over competitors or other branches in your network in the FMSI Comparative Data Rankings).

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