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For Senior Management, From Senior Management – May 2012 Edition

May 1, 2012

W. Michael Scott – President/CEO of FMSI

“I can’t see the forest through these darn trees!”

You, or your staff, probably do not say this out loud, or maybe even believe it.  However, we often see management teams so busy with day to day operations that they often do not see the big picture.  For instance, if an institution had excess FTEs and still hired the same number of new tellers over the last twelve months, they would be perpetuating their same productivity levels by replacing people as the turnover occurred.

Who is looking at the big picture?  Branch Retail Management relies on HR to replace people.  HR then relies on Branch Retail Management to send them the open requisitions—and the cycle continues. Occasionally, management needs to step back from the trees to see the forest.

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