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Larger Banks vs. Smaller Banks

August 29, 2012

An article from Optirate features a few trend charts that clearly show that in general larger banks are operating more efficiently.  The data points featured include:

  • Average ROA by Bank Asset Size
  • Average ROE by Bank Asset Size
  • Average NII by Bank Asset Size
  • Average Efficiency Ratio by Bank Asset Size

See the full article here: Do Smaller Banks Perform as Well as Larger Banks?

So, what can smaller banks do to close these staggering gaps?  Senior level managers at most of these $5 billion in assets and less institutions are searching for ways to improve their bottom lines and an often overlooked operational issue is the poor optimization of branch staffing.  The latest FMSI white paper provides these leaders with insights on how to create strategies to increase total shareholder and stakeholder value and improve financial efficiency through more readily available staffing business intelligence tools—including the following:

  • Identifying the cost of underutilized readily available performance data
  • Signs that your organization can benefit from improved reporting
  • Deep-diving the top CFO performance business intelligence reports that drive improved staff and business performance and operational efficiency
  • The expected ROI as a result of better supported strategic business decisions—including a detailed case study (showcasing a 30% improvement in productivity)

Get CFO White Paper NOW

Optirate is a blog focusing on strategy consultation for banks and credit unions

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