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FMSI Publishes Article in BAI Banking Strategies

October 31, 2012

By W. Michael Scott
October 15th, 2012BAI Banking Strategies Article: Improving Branch Productivity with Part-time Tellers

“Increasingly, banks seeking to optimize branch staffing are using qualified part-time tellers to supplement full-time staff during peak volume periods. This strategy is frequently touted as an effective approach to lowering branch labor cost and our recent research proves that belief to be true. After analyzing more than 17 million transactions in 2,500 plus branches, we found that part-time tellers had lower average labor cost per-teller transaction and higher productivity rates than full-time tellers.
However, we also noted that in branches with high part-time teller turnover, the cost of that turnover could negate, or even reverse, the cost productivity benefits achieved. The key to succeeding with this resource, then, is to minimize turnover while optimizing scheduling. So, what can banks do to reduce the turnover of trained, qualified and motivated part-time tellers?”
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