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FMSI’s Chart of the Month – November 2012 Edition

November 2, 2012

Congratulations to SeaComm Federal Credit Union (SFCU) for having this month’s FMSI Chart of the Month.  With an institution wide 18% improvement in their productivity since December 2011, SFCU has excelled at reducing excess labor costs on their teller line.  Productivity is defined as the transactions taking place during a processing hour.  Processing hours are the time in which an employee performs at least one account-holder-facing transaction on the teller line, measured in 15-minute increments rather than payroll hours. If a transaction takes place at 8:09 a.m, for example, and then the teller does not process another transaction until 9:57 a.m., only two fifteen-minute wall clock periods would qualify as processing hours—even though two payroll hours passed.

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