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Delay in Affordable Healthcare Act – Relief, but not Total Relief

July 3, 2013

It was announced yesterday by the federal goverment that the portion of the the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) that mandates employers to provide affordable health insurance to employees has been delayed one year (now effective Jan 1, 2015).  While this is welcome news for many banks and credit unions who were less than fully prepared to implement the required steps to minimize the impact of the ACA, yesterday’s announcement does not mean the problem will completely dissapear.

It is still in the best interest for senior level executives to continue to plan towards developing an effective strategy to best handle the costs associated with the ACA.  By properly aligning their instutition’s staffing, scheduling and healthcare policies to minimize the effects of the federal regulation requirements, they will likely save their institutions a significant amount of money.

Minimize the Effects of the ACA

Learn more about a practical part-time teller scheduling / staffing approach to help minimize the effects of the ACA in the below articles.

FMSI Article: Obamacare and Your Part-Time Teller Strategy

BAI, Banking Strategies Article: Avoiding the Sting of Obamacare

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