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FMSI’s Chart of the Month – August 2013 Edition

August 2, 2013


Congratulations to SeaComm Federal Credit Union (SeaComm) for having this month’s FMSI chart of the month.  The FMSI Productivity Chart is one of the featured charts highlighted in the Teller Management System Online Dashboard.  It provides a quick snapshot view of how effectively SeaComm is aligning their staff levels with account holder demand in the branch.  An 18.3 transaction per hour (TPH) ranks SeaComm in the top 25 of all the FMSI clients.

In direct correlation with TPH is the average time they start a new transaction on the teller line, which occurs every three minutes and 17 seconds.  It is not uncommon to see this number as high as five minutes in many financial institutions FMSI has done studies for.

Contact FMSI to learn more about tracking this sort of information.

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