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FMSI Presents Ops Excellence Award to FSGBank in Chattanooga, TN

February 21, 2014



Martin Shrodt, the EVP of Retail at FSGBank accepts the FMSI Operational Excellence Award from the COO of FMSI, Meredith Deen.

FSGBank was selected by FMSI’s executive committee to acknowledge their outstanding accomplishments in 2013, including:

  • Improving their overall branch staffing approach.  By receiving detailed traffic forecasts from FMSI’s workforce optimization solution, FSG was able to better utilize part-timers (PT) in the branch, increasing their PT pool from 5% to 30%.  The efficiency gains they realized from their continued efforts supported by data driven employee scheduling, resulted in $400,000 in labor cost savings.
  • Improving customer service and support while deploying fewer branch employees. When an account holder calls their local FSG branch, it is now seamlessly rerouted to a centralized call center.  Customers are happy to have the full attention of an FSG call center employee to address the purpose of their call, an outcome that did not always occur when busy branches handled the calls directly.  No longer having to answer the phone during hectic times in the branch has also improved employee morale, leading to improved customer service.
  • Launching an intranet site to store important electronic documents in a central location. This has been very helpful for FSG.  They also use their intranet site as a medium to communicate with their employees.
  • Creating a stronger community and enhanced culture in the bank through consistent individual recognitions and rewards announcements.

Learn more about the FMSI Operational Excellence Award here.

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