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FMSI Releases New Platform Staff Forecasting Component to its Popular Branch Staff Scheduling Software

June 4, 2014

Today FMSI unveiled a new financial institution platform employee forecasting and scheduling capability—the latest enhancement for its industry leading Branch Staff Reporting and Scheduling System.  The enhancement fully supports scheduling for lobby employees—providing management with detailed forecasts for optimally scheduling the platform side of their branches to actual account holder traffic.

“We are constantly seeking feedback from our clients, and many of them have been asking for a platform employee forecasting and scheduling solution,” says W. Michael Scott, President/CEO of FMSI.  “With so many different types of activities taking place on the platform side of the retail environment, it can be difficult for schedulers to determine the precise number of staff to adequately cover the fluctuating demand.  The software-as-a-service solution takes the guesswork out of the process by producing detailed account holder traffic forecasts for scheduling purposes—helping institutions optimize their workforce.”

FMSI’s scheduling solution is a web-based system that creates optimum work schedules—matching employee work preferences with account-holder traffic patterns at the branch, based on the analysis of historic and forecasted transactions.  The FMSI scheduler provides:

  • Full branch scheduling (now including platform/lobby employees)
  • Better cross utilization of employees within the branch
  • Payroll-based scheduling to need and tasks, plus idle time identified
  • User-defined rotations, including fair distribution of “less desirable shifts”
  • More robust task assignments
  • Enhanced resource exchange sharing and Float Pool Management
  • Smart-phone compatibility, so your staff can retrieve their schedules on their phones

“The platform side of the branch is the last frontier when it comes to fully understanding the performance of branch employees,” Scott adds. “For years, management has been in the dark when it comes to determininglobby employee productivity.  By forecasting account holder traffic  and identifying employee idle time, the new enhancement will help financial institutions shed light on the detailed employee activity in their lobbies.”

About FMSI’s Branch Staff Reporting and Scheduling System 

FMSI’s Branch Staff Reporting and Scheduling Systemaddresses the concerns of today’s financial institutions: managing and minimizing labor expenses while improving service levels in the branches.  Through the collection and then analysis of teller transactions and lobby interaction data, the FMSI solution quickly empowers management teams with easy-to-read and actionable business intelligence.  The system’s dynamic online dashboard and monthly reports include extensive performance management information, including a ranking report that consists of peer productivity metrics—for industry benchmarking purposes.  In addition, it provides an automated scheduling process through a web-based scheduling engine that utilizes individual branch-specific transaction data to forecast and align the right number of front-line staff at the right times—resulting in the right-sizing of branch labor through optimal scheduling.

About Financial Management Solutions, Inc. (FMSI)

Located in Atlanta, GA and established in 1990, FMSI provides easy-to-use, yet sophisticated, business intelligence systems—The Branch Staff Reporting and Scheduling System, The ContactCenter Management System™ (CMS), and the Lobby Tracking System™ (LTS)—that allow financial institutions to manage and staff to meet their service and sales needs. FMSI’s applications give banks and credit unions the ability to manage staff through easy-to-read color graphics, online interactive dashboards and succinct management reports, like workforce utilization charts. FMSI provides performance management information exclusively to financial institutions of all sizes, including a workforce optimization comparative data benchmarking report that allows clients to see where they rank amongst their industry peers.  Visit the company’s website at or call 877.887.3022 to schedule a complimentary online demonstration of any of our products.

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