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Announcing FMSI’s New Branding and Product Names

July 21, 2014

FMSI, a provider of staff scheduling, reporting and activity tracking applications for banks and credit unions, announced today its new brand identity. The new branding was developed to better align with FMSI’s strategic focus—positioning itself as a more central and critical component in its customers’ successes.

“In our 25 plus years in business, our primary objective has been to help our customers achieve stronger performance and sharper earnings with our sophisticated applications and monthly performance management information,” says W. Michael Scott, President/CEO of FMSI.  “With our new brand we would like to concisely convey this objective and build upon it.  By featuring design elements that are associated with a centralized theme, we are better representing our enhanced strategic objective—to not only assist our customers in improving efficiencies, but also to help them maximize their service and sales potential.”

Along with a newly designed logo, FMSI is also updating its product names.  In place of the industry leading Teller Management System™ and Lobby Tracking System™, all FMSI products will now be represented by a streamlined name—Omnix.  This new naming convention is ideal for future new product releases by FMSI, which are currently in development.  The following encompasses the complete FMSI Omnix suite of products:

  • Omnix Staff Scheduler™
  • Omnix Interactive Dashboard™
  • Omnix Performance Analytics™
  • Omnix Lobby Tracker™

“Omnichannel banking continues to evolve and account holders’ expectations are changing every day,” Scott adds.  “Adjusting staffing models and changing how they are managed on a daily basis is a prime area for improved efficiencies and sales, yet most institutions don’t have the information or resources at hand to make this kind of complex adjustment.  Simply put, our intention with our new brand is to help present FMSI as a company that is immediately recognized for restoring and maintaining profitability in the branches and other areas of the institution.”

About FMSI’s Omnix Suite of Products FMSI’s Omnix suite of products addresses the concerns of today’s financial institutions: managing and minimizing labor expenses while improving service and sales levels in the branches.  Through the collection and then analysis of front-line staff activity data from an institution’s core system and platform system data (FMSI’s Omnix Lobby Tracker™ collects ideal platform data), the FMSI Omnix solution quickly empowers management teams with easy-to-read and actionable business intelligence.  The Omnix system’s dynamic Interactive Dashboard and Performance Analytics include extensive performance management information, including a ranking report that consists of peer productivity metrics—for industry benchmarking purposes.  In addition, its Staff Scheduler provides an automated scheduling process through a web-based scheduling engine that utilizes individual branch-specific interaction data to forecast and align the right number of front-line staff at the right times—resulting in the right-sizing of branch labor through optimal scheduling.
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