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FMSI COO Publishes Article in BAI Banking Strategies About Preventing Data Theft in the Branch

September 10, 2014

By Meredith Deen

September 2nd, 2014
BAI Banking Strategies Article: Preventing Data Theft at the Branch Level

“In the wake of highly publicized cyber-breaches, such as the data theft from 34 European banks in July, bank management may be more focused than ever on security threats from outside the bank. In fact, based on a March 2014 survey, cybersecurity is the number one risk concern of more than half of U.S. bank directors.

At FMSI, we believe this attitude, while valid, may be putting banks at risk in other ways. Certainly, data andfinancial security is crucial in cyberspace. Yet, statistics show that major threats still lurk inside and around the branch as well. Let’s look through the data.”

Read the full article here.

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