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Futuristic Appointment Setting Technology Changes How We Interact with Retail

March 17, 2015

By Gordon A. Williams IV, Executive Vice President of FMSI

It’s no secret that technology is constantly changing how consumers approach service and retail related activities in their everyday life.  Just the other day, I realized there were a number of items that I needed that were going to require a trip to the drug store, but there didn’t seem to be enough time in the day to get there.  Instead of stressing out about what could be moved around to allow time for the errands, I relied on Amazon Prime that guaranteed I would have the items delivered to my front step within two days.  As a consumer, that was a huge win to make my life easier!

Consider another situation.  A couple weeks back I was very limited on the amount of time that I had to grab lunch, but I wanted to make sure that I was able to have a healthy meal, so I thought of going to Chipotle.  If you’ve ever been to Chipotle around lunch time…you’ll typically find a line out the door, which is anything but quick!  However, Chipotle offers mobile ordering technology that allowed me to place my order through their mobile application prior to arriving, so I could simply walk in and pick up my meal in a very efficient manner.

How do you think most of your account holders would finish the sentence “Time is _____.”?

Some thoughts that come to my head are “Time is precious.”, “Time is money.”, or “Time is my most valuable resource.”  After all, time is one thing that is impossible for us to create more of, so all we can do is better manage how we use our time.  Many people often face frustrations associated with situations where time was poorly managed.

Is this why Apple has been so successful in their customer experience approach by allowing customers to schedule appointments with their Genius team?  Customers that have scheduled an appointment are empowered knowing they are walking into the store and that the person with the right skill set is going to be available to help them at the right time.  Most importantly, this gives consumers confidence that they should be able to leave the store in a timely fashion with their problems solved.  The results speak for themselves when you consider the “tribe” of Apple advocates in the marketplace, and the fact that Apple has been #1 in Customer Satisfaction for 11 straight years in personal computers.

How are you helping your account holders to better manage their most valuable resource?  If you believe it is time to be a leader in this frontier, then it might be the right action for you to explore FMSI’s Omnix Appointment Concierge™.

FMSI’s Omnix Appointment Concierge™ empowers your account holders with a powerful timesaving and convenience technology tailored for the banking environment.  With this solution, your account holders can schedule a branch appointment through your institution’s website, or mobile banking application.  The sophisticated application understands each of your individual employee’s availability and skill sets, making sure to schedule the appointment with the right person at the right time.

As we prepare for our launch of this technology later this month, we would welcome the chance to understand if this technology can support you with your objective of serving your account holders.  If you would like to learn more about this, click here to schedule some time to learn more.  FMSI is confident that our newest solution will help you in best managing your account holders’ most precious resource.

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