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Branch Lobby Alert System

June 16, 2015

It happens to us all.  We have so much going on that often we can miss timely and critical events.  In a retail branch environment this is especially true when it comes to lobby service representatives managing an account holder’s lobby experience.  There is nothing worse than waiting excessively in a lobby when visiting a business.  By employing the sophisticated Lobby Tracking System™, this issue will be a distant memory for your account holders.

How does it work?

Essentially, when a member arrives in the lobby they enter their information electronically into a kiosk or a greeter types in their information into a computer.  Immediately, all of the lobby staff and management can see the account holder’s name along with their pertinent visiting information through the LTS web-based queue management tool.  If an allotted amount of time passes, an alert box will pop up on the lobby employee’s screen notifying them of the wait time issue.  In addition, emails can be sent out allowing remote or traveling management to receive the wait time issue, which helps establish accountability.

Eliminate critical lobby wait time issues today by utilizing the Omnix Lobby Tracker™ from FMSI.

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