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Measuring the Right Lobby Data

June 24, 2015
When setting performance goals, management can often struggle to measure the right key performance indicators, establish realistic and achievable goals, and then manage to these numbers. Many financial institution executives have experienced the challenges around managing towards a desired outcome without serviceable metrics.

As management establishes lobby performance goals, they typically start by identifying all available performance data. With limited data available on the platform side of the branch, this initial step may prove to be very difficult.
The following data can be available for institutions that have implemented dedicated branch tracking systems from business intelligence application experts like FMSI.

  • Average Assist Time (per service representative, per branch, per institution)
  • Average Account Holder Wait Time (per branch, per institution)
  • Product vs. Service Interaction Percentage (per service representative, per branch, per institution)
  • Top Products Sold
  • Services Most Often Provided
  • Cross-sell Ratio (per employee, per branch, per institution)
  • Number of Account Holders Assisted (per service representative, per branch, per institution)
  • Specific Purpose for Each Account Holder Visit (customized categories chosen per institution)
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