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Serving Account Holders Better With Branch Appointment Technology

August 19, 2015

By Meredith Deen, COO of FMSI

Imagine…you are interested in buying a new home.  You’ve found it.  The perfect place.  All those visits to Trulia and Zillow finally paid off.  Now, the critical piece…the financials, and getting a mortgage.  What do you do?  Again, you turn to the internet.  Sure, you could reach out to your trusted financial institution, but it is 10 PM, and you’re in your jammies.  But, now, you realize, you can make an appointment with them tomorrow on their website.

That is the beauty of our new Omnix Appointment Concierge™ (OAC).  Your account holders can set appointments at any time.  Even better, you know you can serve them properly because OAC enables you to set parameters around when your staff is available.  You can match the skill set to the service needed.  That makes for a much better experience for your account holder.

Your account holders don’t have to feel frustrated about long wait times or getting the wrong person any more.  Now, you are able to manage the account holder experience.  Using OAC allows for the best management of resources. When your account holder comes in for her appointment, she can sign in through your kiosk for seamless tracking with Omnix Lobby Tracker™.

Of course, all the expected interactions that users expect are imbedded in OAC.  Things like notifications and text messages that users have come to expect from other applications are all available.  For instance, when an appointment is set, the account holder can receive a text or email alert.  Your employees can manage the appointments on their calendars and will receive email summaries of upcoming appointments.

Ideally, through proper training of account holders, appointments in the branch will be the standard.  While we’ve operated in an environment of walk-in traffic in the branch, people are becoming more and more accustomed to setting appointments.  People want to use their time efficiently, and they have found that an appointment for traditional service needs is much more effective.  Once account holders become proficient in setting appointments, proper staffing will be easier and more cost effective.

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