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Do You Know Who’s In Your Lobby Right Now?

August 25, 2015

Online and mobile are growing, but the branch is still most effective when it comes to closing new loans and opening accounts.  Yet, many branch managers rely on outdated processes, leaving them exposed to poor service and less than ideal sales experiences.

For example, understanding who is in your lobby and what they are there for are two critical pieces of information most financial institutions (FI) don’t know until a service representative goes and strikes up a conversation with them.  This approach can lead to frustration for the account holder, and ultimately hurt cross-selling opportunities and/or put their loyalty at risk.

A Harmful Service Scenario

Picture this, an account holder is waiting to talk to a service representative about a HELOC, and a free service representative that lacks the skills to have this conversation is sitting helplessly at a desk by them in the lobby.  It is the third time the empty desk service representative has told the waiting-account-holder that it will be just a couple more minutes, as the right employee is tied up with another account holder with an online banking question.  Can you almost visualize the steam flowing off the waiting-account-holder’s forehead?

Preventative Measure through Technology

An electronic queue management system, such as FMSI’s Omnix Lobby Tracker™ helps to prevent scenarios like the above, by providing all employees in the branch a screen showcasing who is in the lobby and what they are there for.  Having access to powerful real-time information, leads to better service and higher employee morale.  The HELOC skilled employee in the above situation would have let the other service representative address the online banking question, leaving him or her available to handle other account holders.

Taking queue management in the branch to the next level is the new integration between FMSI’s Lobby Tracker™ and FMSI’s new appointment scheduling application, Omnix Appointment Concierge™.  Now instead of just seeing who has signed into the lobby—via a lobby greeter entry, or self-service entry on a tablet or kiosk—branch employees can see who is going to visit the branch later that day.

Branch Appointments

FMSI’s Omnix Appointment Concierge™ empowers account holders with a powerful timesaving and convenient technology tailored for the banking environment.  With this solution, account holders can easily schedule a branch appointment through your institution’s website, or mobile banking application.

Along with giving individual employees advanced notice to help them plan for their daily scheduled appointments, branch management can now make sure they have the right employees scheduled at the right time for these appointments.

Every branch has a finite number of high-value-potential-sales walking through the door on any given month.  With each and every one of these opportunities, the best possible approach should be taken to increase the chance of closing the business.  Leveraging technologies, like lobby tracking solutions and appointment scheduling software, can help FIs improve their chances greatly at securing this business.  Do you know who’s in your lobby, and possibly even more important, do you know who’s coming to your branch later today?

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