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FMSI Branch Appointment Article Featured in The Financial Brand

December 7, 2015

The Financial Brand FMSI Article: Optimizing the Branch Experience With Appointment Scheduling Tools

By W. Michael Scott, FMSI Chairman/CEO

“As branches continue to transition from transaction factories into sales and service centers, banks and credit unions face big questions about their brick-and-mortar service delivery. But if there is one lesson financial marketers learned through The Great Recession, it’s about the importance of optimizing front-line resources to make branches as efficient and profitable as possible. There’s no (financial) margin for error.

It’s become increasingly important to both financial institutions and their customers that banking services be delivered faster, more simply and with greater convenience. Consumers — particularly Millennials — don’t like waiting in line for a teller or to speak with a service rep.

Financial institutions are also having to address consumers’ changing retail expectations, which are being reset by companies like Sprint that allow people to schedule store appointments via the web, and Starbucks who lets customers order coffee via their mobile devices before they get to the store — just stop in, pick up your drink, and go.

Mobile appointment scheduling tools are helping banks and credit unions address these retail challenges. These automated solutions let accountholders use nearly any internet-connected device to schedule branch appointmentsthrough their institution’s website or mobile app. This modernizes how consumers engage with branches, optimizing the allocation of staff and resources while giving your brand a tech-savvy image.”

Read the full article here.

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