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What will Branches Look Like in The Jetson’s Orbit City?

December 17, 2015

By Matt Hertel, SVP of Sales at FMSI

Many of us remember The Jetson’s cartoon, an animated sitcom where a family lives in a futuristic utopia blessed with robotic contraptions along with many other creations and inventions.  The 2060’s family actually lives in a Skypad apartment in Orbit City where all homes and businesses are raised above the ground on adjustable columns.  You might recall that George works for Spacely’s Sprockets, his wife Jane is a stay at home mom, their daughter Judy attends Orbit High School, and their highly intelligent son Elroy attends Little Dipper School and is an expert in all the space sciences.

A 1960’s look into the future – It’s hard to believe, but this futuristic cartoon’s original series ran from 1962-1963.   Although it was only on the air for one season, this cartoon remains one of the most popular points of reference when discussing the future.  The Jetson’s has had a profound impact on the way we think and talk about the future.  The forward thinking 1960’s sitcom had many conveniences and labor saving devices in the show that didn’t exist at the time (see a detailed list of today’s applications of these items below this article):

  • video conferencing
  • robotic maids
  • jetpacks
  • moving sidewalks
  • flying cars

This nostalgia for the futurism of the next generation has had a very significant impact on the way that we talk about our future and, particularly, the way we talk about operating our businesses.

Branch Banking – A Look into the Rearview Mirror 

Here is a quick look back at a few specific areas of branch banking that have been significantly impacted by advances with technology.

Teller Line Changes – cash and coin, checks, deposits, withdrawals, proof departments, branch capture, scanning items, teller capture

Transactional and Security Conveniences – ATM cards, debit cards, wire transfers, credit cards, magnetic strips, PINs, EMV chips, holograms, PayPal, QuickPay, Apple Pay

Assisted Financial Interaction Options – currency counters, coin machines, telephone and call center banking, automated teller machines, pneumatic tubes, remote teller machines, cash dispensers, cash recyclers, remote deposit, internet banking, mobile banking

Future of Branch Banking – Looking through a Transparent Bubble Top

Looking at how technology has impacted change in branch banking during our lifetime, have you given thought to what bank branches will look like in Orbit City for The Jetsons?

Perhaps the highly personal, hands-on service approach, popularized by Umpqua Bank, will be the mainstream branch in Orbit City—where an Apple store and Starbucks hybrid allows George to get a Frappuccino and a checking account.  Or will efficiency driven models highlighted by self-directed advanced kiosk technology allow George to zip through and use his biometric scan to quickly purchase a home loan.

Only time will tell what the future of branch banking holds, and maybe the branch will look and act like nothing any of us can imagine in 50 years.  I would guess that if you were to go back and interview citizens of the 18th century, not one of them would predict smart phones, or Facebook—so its possible branches will only be in space stations (with Zero-G).



A 2010’s perspective on The Jetson’s everyday life

Video conferencing – was first introduced in the 1970s, then significantly improved by industry leader AT&T through the 1990s and today we can Skype and Facetime worldwide

Robotic maids – touchless vacuums were introduced by Electrolux in the 1990s, Roombas in the 2000s and robotic vacuums are still being improved upon and perfected today

Jetpacks – became popular in the 1960s with the advance of the space program and then this decade, Flyboarding has taken the basic jet pack concept to water use

Moving Sidewalks – while moving walk ways date back to the early 1900s, high speed moving walkways hit the world by storm in the 1970s at many major airports, expanded into many metro markets starting in the 1990s and are now being used by major retails to move customers between floors.  Exercise treadmills were patented in the early 20th century, but in home aerobic treadmills didn’t materialize until the later 1960s.

Flying cars – wait a minute, can you imagine we’re not there yet?   YET!  We have made significant strides in transportation since the 1960s with more fuel efficient cars, amphibious vehicles, hybrids and now unmanned cars and drones, but “flying around town” is one concept we haven’t perfected, but The Jetson’s cartoon was set in 2062 so relax, we still have time.  George’s aerospace car that resembles a flying saucer with a transparent bubble top will possibly be here relatively soon.

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