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Lobby Tracking Solution Drives More Sales in Less Time

February 6, 2017

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This article originally appeared in Credit Union Journal 

East Texas Professional CU (East Texas PCU) saw member sales increase at the same
time average visit times decreased after implementing a new lobby tracking system.

“While member service had always been a primary focus, staff took more of an
order-taking role versus needs-based selling,” said East Texas PCU SVP-Operations
Scot Haines. “Additionally, there was no sales tracking/reporting or accountability in place.”

East Texas Professional CU serves 60,637 members in 10 branch locations. While members are turning to mobile banking applications, Haines said product and service opportunities still exist in branches.

Following implementation of the Kronos FMSI Lobby Tracker solution, the CU’s member sales increased 16.5%, even though the amount of time members were spending per visit had decreased.

Haines joined East Texas PCU in July 2012. He observed that employees had developed a good rapport with members, but felt that employees weren’t providing members with all available products and services. Equally, many members weren’t aware of the products and services that were available to them.As a result, there were missed opportunities.

“We have to remain relevant to our members and increase our share of each member’s wallet,” said Haines. “Well-trained staff immersed in a positive sales culture is paramount to achieving this goal.”

The Road to Tracking Prior to joining East Texas PCU, Haines spent 23 years at another credit union. While there in 2003, he implemented Kronos FMSI Lobby Tracker™ to great success. By November, he determined the solution would be the right fit for ETPCU, as well, and launched the then latest version of the product at his new post.

Meredith Deen, who is Director of Product & Services at FMSI a Kronos Company, explained that the Alpharetta, Ga.-based financial management solutions provider (FMSI was recently acquired by Kronos) currently has 79 credit unions using Lobby Tracker. The solution, she added, is scalable for credit unions of all asset classes.

Complete with 25 unique service and sales reports including employee productivity reports, account holder volume reports and cross-sell reports, the Kronos solution tracks and measures member experience and employee performance.

“Lobby Tracker runs on Windows PCs with Internet Explorer,” said Deen. “Self-check-in kiosks can be run on an iPad, or practically any other tablet with Internet access.” On average, she said, once a credit union signs with Kronos, it takes roughly 30 days to launch the solution.

While Haines was familiar with the software, he said it is “easy” to use. Kronos does provide comprehensive, live web-training for administrators, which Haines augmented due to his experience with the solution.

“I developed training materials that were used in conjunction with the materials provided by Kronos. I conducted one hour training sessions with frontline staff and management to review the software,” he said.

“The majority of the training covered how we wanted staff to use the software to ensure consistent accurate tracking for reporting purposes.”

Tracking Success Realized In November 2012, prior to Lobby Tracker, East Texas PCU was averaging a member visit time of 27 minutes and 26 seconds. The following year, with the solution in place, that number dropped by two minutes. Year-end 2014 it dropped again to 22 minutes and 39 seconds. Over the course of the same time

period, sales per member increased 16.5%.

Haines said that while the implementation and execution has been successful, getting employees onboard initially was a bit of a challenge. “As with any change, employees were a little apprehensive at first,” he said. “The apprehension was certainly warranted given I was new to East Texas PCU, implementing change and measuring staff sales performance for the first time.”

By positioning the solution as an “opportunity,” Haines was able to bridge the gap. “I wanted them to get credit for the hard work they do every day. By tracking their sales performance, as well as a number of other previously untracked metrics, it would be much easier to objectively reward them when it was time for their annual merit

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