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2016 FMSI Operational Excellence Award Winner – West Suburban Bank

February 22, 2017

FMSI, a Kronos company, and leading workforce optimization solution provider for banks and credit unions, announced today that West Suburban Bank was the 2016 winner of its annual Operational Excellence Award.  FMSI’s Operational Excellence Award recognizes the “best of the best” amongst its client base, including financial institutions all across North America.

“We’re constantly looking for ways to improve, and 2016 was a great year for us,” says Bill Jennrich, Vice President of Retail Banking at West Suburban Bank.

Reduction in Annual Labor Expense

With the help of FMSI’s Omnix Staff Scheduler and Performance Analytics™ software-as-a-service applications, West Suburban Bank reduced their year-over-year frontline staff labor cost by eight percent—resulting in significant savings for the institution.

“FMSI’s solution helps us to have the right number of staff adequately covering peak traffic times in the branch, along with minimizing excess staff during downtimes,” says Jennrich.

An important change in their workforce optimization strategy in 2016 was to begin utilizing a centralized scheduler, instead of allowing each branch to prepare their own.

“When we decided to dedicate a staff manager position to handle all our branch scheduling needs, we were looking to improve our staffing efficiencies, especially as it related to our part-time employees,” says Jennrich.

The effort certainly paid off for West Suburban Bank, who gradually saw improvements in their productivity throughout 2016, culminating in a 10 percent increase in their transactions processed per hour.

Hours of Operations

West Suburban Bank rolled-out ten Interactive Teller Machines into their branch drive-ups in 2016, in addition to the 11 machines they had in other branch drive-ups.  The effort led to efficiency gains providing 69 hours of service per week at each location.

“The ITMs have been great for us,” says Jennrich.  “We’ve seen a reduction in employee idle time and the customer reaction has been great.”

Upon going live, West Suburban Bank placed employees by the ITMs for the following three weeks to support their customers using this new technology.

Jennrich described their reaction as a matter of subtle change, and once they try it, they love it.

Back Office Efficiency Gains

West Suburban Bank recently implemented teller capture, gaining even more operational efficiencies in 2016.  Their EZTeller® check scanners have changed the face of processing check item image capture in their branches.


About the FMSI Operational Excellence Award

Stronger performance and sharper earnings result from effective programs being properly implemented by focused organizations. Through our twenty plus years of working with financial institutions, FMSI has identified key factors that drive an organization’s operational success.  A few of those factors include: board and staff engagement, sound fiscal health, sustained program management and, of course, a commitment to excellence.  FMSI’s Operational Excellence Award recognizes the “best of the best” amongst our client base.

The award is given to the institution that best exhibits the following traits in its tenure as an FMSI client:

  • Sizable improvement in quantitative success metrics (productivity enhancements, cost reductions, sales and service improvements, etc.)
  • Documented examples of a commitment to excellence
  • Innovation in the retail branch environment, such as creative branch hours, employee incentive programs, or implementing cutting edge technology

About West Suburban Bank

Since 1962, West Suburban Bank has offered a level of service and responsiveness that the mega-banks, despite their posturing, can never hope to attain. Our employees, from our tellers to our key decision makers, live in the communities we serve, so we understand the needs of our communities and our customers. And, because decisions are made locally, not at some far removed corporate headquarters, we can react quickly when those needs change. Learn more at

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