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The Itty Bitty Bank Branch

April 3, 2018

Even as automation is changing the way people and organizations connect, there is still a need for brick-and-mortar branch locations, staffed with employees who can help customers with complex, higher-value interactions such as opening accounts and applying for loans and mortgages.

In regards to the extra expense that comes with this non-digital approach, some banks, like PNC Bank and Eastern Bank, have explored more cost effective approaches to maintaining a physical retail presence.

These innovative approaches are far from mainstream, but interesting nonetheless. Only time will tell how wide-spread these types of branches will be in the future.

Whether the branches are massive or micro, the importance of integrating digital technology within branch operations can be the real difference maker when it comes to the overall account holder experience.  Having just two customers ahead of another, can lead to a 45 minute wait.  Learn more how lobby management applications can improve service, productivity and sales in the branch here.


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