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Cardless ATMs Reaching Mainstream?

June 22, 2018

mobile access atm

For a couple years now I’ve been reading about cardless ATMs, but up until last week I had never seen one in the wild.  When I came across one at my local Bank of America branch I was excited to see it. Even though I still used my debit card (to get some cash out), it’s nice to know that if I didn’t have my card—I could still access the ATM.

Now with my mobile phone I can potentially ditch my car keys (Tesla), and stop carrying a number of plastic cards (reward programs, cardless ATMs). Technology is making me lighter and I appreciate it!  Kudos to the banking industry for being innovative.  Now if we can just get to a world where mobile pay is more mainstream.  Banking industry?

Learn more about cardless ATMs from this video

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