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Holistic Dashboards Should Include These Branch Metrics at Financial Institutions

August 23, 2018

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It’s a simple idea. Financial institutions know they need to identify, predict, and manage opportunities for cost savings and productivity gains — all while improving the quality of their products and services. Unfortunately, for those that have been involved with analytics in banking, it’s much more difficult to implement a dashboard that has the right information to help managers gauge how well their organization is performing.

The good news is that there’s now new technologies, like open API frameworks and advanced analytics solutions that aggregate data from multiple platforms, in real-time.  The image above is a screenshot from one of these platforms, which includes customization, as well as templates to help guide you to the perfect dashboard.

Most noteworthy for this blog, is the idea of incorporating branch sales, service and productivity metrics for an executive level dashboard.  For example, there’s a walk-in vs. appointment interaction sales graph in the top left corner, among many other powerful branch charts in this tab.

These advancements and others like it are changing how financial institutions are managing their business. Learn more about some of these innovations in this informative infographic titled, Top Tech Trends Transforming Workforce Management.

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