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New Study: Unplanned Absence Wreaks Havoc on Retail Store Operations

November 9, 2018

According to a new study by the Workforce Institute at Kronos the effects that unplanned absences have on store operations, which, according to more than half of retail managers worldwide (52 percent), is one of their organization’s most difficult, complex, and time-consuming issues.  Most notably, for every 10 hours of in-store labor budgeted, more than one hour is wasted due to staffing misalignment caused by unplanned employee absence.

Joyce Maroney, executive director, The Workforce Institute at Kronos says of the study, “Business performance has always been tightly aligned with how well you are able to stick to a plan. The corrosive effects of absenteeism can swiftly knock retailers’ plans off course and erode performance potential. How you minimize and manage absence is critical to staying on target, and it starts with understanding employee preferences, considering their availability, and making it easy for them to modify their schedule or swap a shift as needed. After all, employees who work schedules built around their preferred hours and availability and who are empowered by self-service workforce management technology will be happier, have fewer instances of absence, be more productive, and have a longer tenure.”

Retail banking managers should take note of these trends as they can play a critical role in their workforce engagement and efficiency.

See more details around the study results here.


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