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Is branch employee burnout affecting your service?

February 22, 2019

Service in the branch is more important now than ever, while issues around the workforce experiencing high levels of fatigue and burnout is reaching critical mass. Optimizing the focus on results and the flexibility that allows employees to avoid burnout can help financial institutions streamline their response to this complex issue, and significantly reduce the related service impact.

Burnout impacts the entire organization. When an employee reaches the stage of burnout, it’s not only bad for them, it’s bad for the organization and for account holders. Burnout can be contagious, driving up levels of turnover.

Managers can be the difference. Burnout and its underlying conditions require manager attention. Managers should be on the lookout for signs of fatigue and actively work with employees to develop strategies to mitigate it.

Use technology to balance consistency and personalization. Technology, like branch scheduling solutions, can provide tools to help employees meet company needs while maintaining some control of their work schedule. But don’t assume that technology alone will solve a multifaceted issue like burnout.

The consistent management of schedules and workload plays a huge role in helping organizations combat burnout. It requires a combination of tools, strategies, and – most importantly – manager leadership to help individuals prioritize. But the impact can be dramatic.

Learn more in this white paper, titled, Moving Beyond Burnout: Strategies To Sustain Engagement and Retain Workers

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